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Published on September 29, 2017 By snowedin In Current Events

Today was long and weirdly interesting. I stated out getting my grocery shopping done so I'd be back before my eye doctor appointment. While waiting to return home this guy said he heard that some where in Oregon this woman went on vacation leaving her six kids at home and got arrested for child endangerment because the children were two 12 year olds, one 9, one 8, one 5 and one 3. My guess is she thought two twelve year old children was the equivalent of one 24 year old... Then while going home on the radio this guy was telling a story about a guy that would have a woman jogger stop, pull down her pants and shit on his lawn. So the guy took this person to court and the person was formally a man and had a sex change and her/his argument was silly. This person claimed that since the surgery they could no longer control themselves and had to poop on this person's lawn and it was their First amendment right. The commentator said maybe if a person was to go to the White House and poop on the lawn they could make this erroneous stretch of the First Amendment. My thought for the guy who was having his lawn pooped on by this jogger is if the jogger has lost bowel control then the court should order her to get a colostomy bag.. Problem solved.  Well after all that I was on a bus and the bus couldn't complete the turn because some dim witted drivers. Fist there was a Black SUV illegally standing in the roar and a Buick that wouldn't move. Finally a pedestrian went up to the SUV and said to a person inside the vehicle they needed to move it. The person in the passenger's seat sat there like a dead brick and finally the woman that was the driver came out to the road, but just stared at the bus like she never saw a bus before. Wow I've had enough stupid weird stuff for awhile!

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on Jan 12, 2019

"Magnetic north pole is changing faster than forecast."

Could it be the magnets on your refrigerator door?   


on Jan 19, 2019

Ever wonder if the atoms in your dreams when you sleep are real

like the atoms you find when you are awake?

When do you know you're not dreaming?

When you wake up?


on Jan 22, 2019

"The top 26 billionaires own $1.4 trillion — as much as 3.8 billion other people"

1.4 trillion divided by 7 billion people

1400000000000 divided by 7000000000 Equals $200.oo each. wow we are rich.   

on Feb 02, 2019

I thought about this for a while and here is my definition of real.

"It will last forever if it is real."


on Feb 07, 2019

You know the old saying.

"Once you take your glasses off they are in a box on the shelf."


on Mar 14, 2019

"Facebook's massive outage was the result of a server configuration change."

"Apple’s iCloud was down for several hours today"

Did they get an update?


Andrew Yang: "Universal Basic Income Is Not Socialism, Is Good For Markets."

Could you call it quantitative easing?


on Mar 26, 2019

I heard on the news that somewhere in the U.S. Uber drivers are earning .60 cents a mile.

Last I checked Uber takes 20% off the top of what they earn.

This information caused me to have a revelation.

I now realize that I am the most intelligent life form that has ever existed in the universe.


on Mar 26, 2019

I thought reporters investigate and find evidence

now it seems most of them just make stuff up

and talk all day.

on Apr 09, 2019

Here is a scientific test you can perform at home.

Buy one head light bulb made in Mexico and one made in Germany,

put one on the left side of the car and one on the right

and see which one lasts longer.

I did the test the one made in Germany lasted 9 years.

The one made in Mexico lasted 3 months.

They both cost the same.

My motorcycle head light bulb made in Mexico lasted one hour.


on Apr 10, 2019

Has anyone ever seen a black hole that is black?

I guess now we have.   

on May 27, 2019

Which one of the following 3 choices is dangerous?

1 Alex Jones

2 Louis Farrakhan

3 Facebook


on Jun 02, 2019

It is Monday and two neighbors John and Bill come home from work.

John drives an electric vehicle and Bill drives a gas vehicle.

When they get home they find out that a car hit a power pole

and they will have no electricity until Wednesday.

John's vehicle has a very low battery.

Question 1: Who will be driving to work Tuesday and Wednesday, John or Bill?

Question 2: How many days pay will John lose and will he make his next vehicle payment?

on Jun 03, 2019

Continued from reply #87

It is 7 PM Monday night and John decides to call an Uber to take

him to the truck rental so he can get a pizza, get home and transfer the tools

into the rental truck for Tuesday. But his cell phone battery is

dead and he has no land line.

Now using a flash light he finds an old phone book and looks up

the address of the closest truck rental.

He decides to leave right away to make the 4 hour walk to the rental.

When John gets to the rental address he sees that the rental is no

longer at the location due to the out of date phone book.

It is now 11 PM Monday night and John joins some homeless people

for a beer.


on Jun 18, 2019

Ask yourself one question.

Have you,(you being anyone who reads this) ever been somehow

connected with a news story where you knew the facts of the story.

You read the story in the paper or heard it on the radio,TV,etcetera.

Did they get the facts correct?

By the way, nice shirt.


on Jun 19, 2019

US civil war casualties:

"Binghamton University historian J. David Hacker says the war’s

dead numbered about 750,000, an estimate that’s 20 percent higher

than the commonly cited figure of 620,000. His findings will be

published in December in the journal Civil War History."

If you are a descendant of these casualties should you receive

financial compensation due to the hardship endured by your ancestors?