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Published on September 29, 2017 By snowedin In Current Events

Today was long and weirdly interesting. I stated out getting my grocery shopping done so I'd be back before my eye doctor appointment. While waiting to return home this guy said he heard that some where in Oregon this woman went on vacation leaving her six kids at home and got arrested for child endangerment because the children were two 12 year olds, one 9, one 8, one 5 and one 3. My guess is she thought two twelve year old children was the equivalent of one 24 year old... Then while going home on the radio this guy was telling a story about a guy that would have a woman jogger stop, pull down her pants and shit on his lawn. So the guy took this person to court and the person was formally a man and had a sex change and her/his argument was silly. This person claimed that since the surgery they could no longer control themselves and had to poop on this person's lawn and it was their First amendment right. The commentator said maybe if a person was to go to the White House and poop on the lawn they could make this erroneous stretch of the First Amendment. My thought for the guy who was having his lawn pooped on by this jogger is if the jogger has lost bowel control then the court should order her to get a colostomy bag.. Problem solved.  Well after all that I was on a bus and the bus couldn't complete the turn because some dim witted drivers. Fist there was a Black SUV illegally standing in the roar and a Buick that wouldn't move. Finally a pedestrian went up to the SUV and said to a person inside the vehicle they needed to move it. The person in the passenger's seat sat there like a dead brick and finally the woman that was the driver came out to the road, but just stared at the bus like she never saw a bus before. Wow I've had enough stupid weird stuff for awhile!

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on Oct 16, 2017

If you have a snail population eating your yard

I noticed that road runners like to eat a lot of snails

I haven't seen them eating slugs but maybe they do.

on Oct 23, 2017

Are we headed toward Andromeda or is it gaining on us?

on Oct 29, 2017

This is where the anti matter went as the universe formed.

This is a hint you will have to fill in a couple blanks.

C:\Users\you\AppData\Local\comfort of modern living\with it's many levels\Profiles\iuf8yx29.default\cache2\entries


on Nov 16, 2017

fun loving on occasion zany yoyo


on Nov 22, 2017

"Facebook To Inform Users If They Fell For Russian Election Propaganda"

I've created a simple tool to inform users if they fell for facebook.


on Nov 23, 2017

Today's secret tip for windows users.

Lets say you are going to restart or shut down your computer.

Log off or sign out of your computer account before you restart or shut down

and you should also be able to install windows updates if they

are ready from the log in screen from the shut down options.

It works.


on Nov 24, 2017

free style rap in a freak show trap

rude with an attitude in a bad mood 

can't have a discussion with out a concussion

really gonna change a mind with nothing but a f-ing rhyme

no facts needed just keep on and repeat it

for thirty years with the pied piper all I got was what goes in a diaper

if your brain is so big why don't you try it buy it forget the riot

I try to be concise and find somebody nice

all I see is a frown on a rich f-ing clown

I'll swear it and compare it if the shoe fits wear it

is it in your sight I'll type write maybe fly a kite 

talk talk it all goes right by with minds that could fit inside of a fly

don't like my rap that could fit on a cap on a sap with a baseball bat

next time I'll do better I can promise you that

on Nov 25, 2017

An oldie but a goodie


on Feb 09, 2018

It is just profit taking it will go up.

The devise you are reading this with is the trojan horse, 

don't feel bad you never have a choice.


on Feb 14, 2018
on Mar 12, 2018

If you spend your life traveling at 99% the speed of light

the Earth is no longer a sphere according to the Special Theory of Relativity.   


on Mar 17, 2018

Someone asked where our universe is, so I made a map.

Universe Map

on Mar 24, 2018

Let big tech with no sin cast the first stone at Facebook.

on Apr 10, 2018

If there were a law making it illegal to use

or sell a persons information without their consent,

who is responsible when someone or entity is able to hack

into a social media site and steal it?

No one can guarantee that won't happen?


on May 09, 2018

The free will experiment:

You can choose to read the spoiler below, just mouse over it or

you can choose to not read the spoiler below.

If you choose not to read it and the information still comes to

you from another source you will realize that you don't have free will.

How long will your belief that you have free will last?

Tell a friend.


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